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Taylor Swift Re-creates an Awkward Middle-School Group Date

Photo: Taylor Swift/Twitter

Remember the era of group dates? Back when you were 14, the dating pool was like three eligible eighth-grade boys who would get passed around a group of friends. So every group hang was like a game of musical chairs: You’d date Brent, even though he just dated your best friend Claire, but it’s really okay because Claire is dating Landry now, even though you used to have a crush on Landry (and, frankly, who cares if Claire is jealous, you know she was the one who told everyone you didn’t know how to use a tampon).

Based on these pictures of Taylor Swift’s London outing, her gang is taking a page out of the ol’ eighth-grade dating playbook. Their boating date is a classic five-set: the alpha female, Taylor, now has a new boyfriend, Calvin Harris, which means it’s finally okay for her friend Gigi Hadid to date Joe “I Was an Ex in a Swift Song” Jonas.  Everyone can hang and it’s totally not awkward. And, of course, also in keeping with the lessons of adolescence, Karlie Kloss got to come along as a fifth wheel even though she’s taller than all the boys.

Taylor Swift Re-creates Awkward 8th-Grade Date