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A Theory About the Moon, From Jake Gyllenhaal

Budding scientist Jake Gyllenhaal.
Budding scientist Jake Gyllenhaal. Photo: Walter McBride/Getty

Jake Gyllenhaal was recently in a play called Constellations that was all about science and astrophysics and the universe and what not, so he’s been getting into the heavy thinking lately.

In an interview with Esquire’s U.K. edition, Gyllenhaal explains how he prepares for intense roles (like his upcoming one in Southpaw) with an explanation of how the unconscious absorbs elements of the environment you’re in because of the moon … I think.

I believe deeply in the unconscious. That you literally accumulate the molecules of the space that you’re in. We’re like 90 percent water, so naturally we are going to be affected by the moon when it’s full: if the sea is, why wouldn’t we be? That seems scientific to me.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Bill Nye … Jake Gyllenhaal?

A Theory About the Moon, From Jake Gyllenhaal