Like You, Zadie Smith Objectifies Sad Hunk Jon Snow

Kit Harington.
Kit Harington. Photo: HBO

The New Yorker asked Zadie Smith to select three people she’d take a road trip with — a question inspired by her new short story “Escape from New York.” Her response:

I’m going to squeeze one extra into the back seat and go with a mixture of real and fiction, comedy and wisdom, friendship and eye candy: Zora Neale Hurston — she’s driving — Louis C.K., Virginia Woolf, Jon Snow.

Let’s play a game, Kit “don’t want to be a hunk” Harington: Why is Jon Snow along for the ride? It’s clear what Zora Neale Hurston and Virginia Woolf are bringing to the table, and we doubt Louis C.K is just there to change the tires. That only leaves one role …

You know nothing, Jon Snow. Just enjoy the ride and remember to look pretty.

Zadie Smith Objectifies Sad Hunk Jon Snow