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Are We Dyeing Our Armpit Hair Because We’re Bored?

Photo: ladypithair/Instagram

So it’s the Summer of Pit Hair and despite our fixation with thatches of hair that grow from body crevices, the whole thing is actually kind of boring, right? I mean, it’s very trendy right now, but not at all edgy. And the actual process of growing out armpit hair is as dull as watching hair grow a fraction of an inch each day — the only drama involved is getting antsy, shaving the pit hair, and then letting it grow back.

Perhaps in some attempt to reignite the excitement for armpit hair, the New York Times revived the year-old armpit-hair-dyeing trend championed by Miley Cyrus. Turns out, though, dyeing one’s armpit hair blue, or pink, or aqua is more (well, less) than a statement — it’s a form of amusement, says one interviewee to the Times:

“If people don’t think that my blue armpit hair is funny, then they probably aren’t worth my time,” she said. “It’s really great for turning off people who aren’t accepting.”

And, it turns out, for keeping herself amused.

“When I see myself naked in the mirror, I laugh every time,” she said, “because I think it’s hilarious and kind of awesome.”

But remember, nobody has to endure that burning peroxide sensation just to make this pit-hair trend fun again — Gawker has a much better suggestion. Ever considered armpit fucking?

Are We Dyeing Our Pit Hair Because We’re Bored?