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Battle of the Butts: Bieber vs. Legend

John Legend's magnificent backside.
John Legend’s magnificent backside.

First, there was the thirst trap, the shameless art form of opening up Instagram and posting a photo with various degrees of nakedness to your followers. Rihanna, Drake, and countless reality TV stars have already embraced objectifying themselves for the ‘gram, and by extension, for you. It’s a quick way to make headlines and gain Instagram followers. Everyone wins!

Then Justin Bieber mooned us, setting off a barrage of memes to rival the time Kim Kardashian… well, did the same thing. (Not one to be outdone, Drake retaliated with a shirtless photo of his swoll-ness. Oh Canada, and all that.)

And then, there was Chrissy Teigen. Maybe it was to protest Instagram deleting a photo featuring a very visible breast. Maybe she was calling out the double standard #freethenipple is working so hard to reverse. Or maybe she just didn’t want to let baby Bieber have all the fun.

In any case, here’s John Legend’s butt.

Thank you, Chrissy, for all that you do.

Battle of the Butts: Bieber vs. Legend