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Hillary Clinton Knows What It Takes for You to Get Ready in the Morning

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton understands the daunting task of getting ready each morning. While our boyfriends lie in bed scrolling through Twitter on their phones or mindlessly spooning cereal into their mouths while watching YouTube clips, many of us shuffle from one primping station to the next, washing, scrubbing, drying, and lotioning our way toward a “presentable” work look. Yesterday, when a Facebook user asked Clinton for her thoughts about the “hair and makeup tax” on women’s time, Clinton responded expertly.

We assume getting ready is a little easier when you’re running for president and can afford a glam squad to make you up, but how much can you really get done while professionals clamp your eyelashes with a torture device?

Clinton on Morning Routines: ‘Amen, Sister’