Another Genius Panda Fakes Pregnancy for Snacks

Photo: Wu Ching-teng/Corbis

Remember Ai Hin, the giant panda from China who faked her pregnancy for personal gain (snacks) last summer? Well, it seems ANOTHER genius panda is running the same con. Taiwan’s Yuan Yuan has joined a special sisterhood: Female mammals who have seen the benefits of pregnancy (snacks, ice blocks, an air-conditioned room of one’s own) and will do what must be done to get them.

Yuan Yuan has already had one cub and learned exactly how far zookeeepers will go to keep pregnant pandas happy. In June, she began showing signs of pregnancy after being artificially inseminated — and, just as she remembered, everyone was so excited over the second panda baby that she received the royal treatment: her own temperature-controlled room, 24/7 attention, and all the unlimited fruit and fresh bamboo she had dreamed of since her first pregnancy. She reaped her rewards for as long as she could, and then was like: Psych! Thanks for the snacks. I’m not pregnant. Brilliant.

Listen, it’s hot out there and there can never be enough extra snacks. Who wouldn’t want to make like Yuan Yuan and ride out the rest of the summer in cool, snack-y bliss?

In separate news, I’m pregnant and love white Cheddar SmartPop.

Another Genius Panda Fakes Pregnancy for Snacks