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Could This Be the End of Passive-Aggressive Emails?

Photo: Fotoagentur/Getty Images

Best known as the world’s premier Jeopardy champ, IBM’s Watson is turning out to be an increasingly appealing AI companion. Not only can the supercomputer concoct personalized cocktail recipes, now, it can also be a sounding board for your email drafts.

Yesterday, IBM announced the new “Watson Tone Analyzer,” a helpful program designed to enlighten you about the way your messages come across to other people. Like a robotic writing coach, the “tone check” tool can analyze a chunk of text to provide insight about the emotion it conveys (cheerful versus angry), if it seems agreeable and conscientious, and whether it reads as confident or tentative (or, bonus: analytical). Designed for both personal and business use, the program will also point out suggestions for alternative word choices to tweak the tone of the message. Recommend it to your favorite passive-aggressive emailer today!

Could This Tool End Passive-Aggressive Emails?