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New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ Podcast: Should You Sacrifice Your Luxury Linens?

Photo: Mark Leibowitz/Masterfile/Corbis

It seems like such a simple question — “Where should I come?” — but while researching a forthcoming column, “Sex Lives” host and New York Magazine columnist Maureen O’Connor found it’s actually quite loaded. What part of the body, if any, is an acceptable landing zone? Is there a “chivalrous” way to manage semen? And when should these negotiations take place? Should we all just sacrifice our investment bedding to avoid an awkward conversation? O’Connor, along with Allison Davis and David Wallace-Wells, try to find answers to these questions and more.

The second half of the episode is dedicated to Margaret Lyons’s analysis of the strap-on’s big year. From Broad City to Orange Is the New Black, the strap-on is really having its pop-culture moment right now. Could this be the first year a sex toy gets nominated for an Emmy? Probably not, but it’s fun to imagine.

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Does Sex Mean Sacrificing Your Luxury Linens?