I Like This Baby’s Life

Photo: Instagram.com

Chloe Victoria Chen dons frilly pastels, attends fancy green-juice brunches, and sleeps on the finest linens. Chloe Victoria Chen is also a baby, and I want this baby’s life.

The daughter of “stylist and digital influencer” Chriselle Lim, Chloe is less than a year old and is already doing cooler shit than you.

She brunches like Marie Antoinette:

Attends Coachella pre-parties (dressed appropriately):

Sips coffee atop a fur rug:

Does photo shoots for Smashbox:

Hangs out with famous people:

Also, her shoe game is on point:

Chloe got her own hashtag the day she emerged from the womb and has been an #InstagramPowerUser ever since, but it’s not the followers or the faves or the lifestyle-blogger mom I want, it’s all the accompanying trappings. I don’t want this baby’s mom’s life, I want this baby’s life: being swaddled, cooed at, cosseted, and bottle-fed; spending afternoons napping with dogs and relaxing on the beach. On a baby, pudgy arm rolls are considered adorable instead of unsightly. A bow headband is appropriate instead of a symptom of “watching too many Gossip Girl reruns.” And throwing a screaming tantrum because you’re hungry is not just acceptable, it’s expected. Sign me up.