The New Chuck Taylors Are More Comfortable, Less Punk

Photo: Courtesy of Converse

Few accessories conveyed your desire to be “punk” in middle school as strongly as the iconic Chuck Taylor, a nearly century-old sneaker that by the early ‘00s had become shorthand for “I listened to Nirvana once.” The white toes were the perfect canvas for Sharpie-ing inside jokes, cute boys’ names, and lyrics to “You’re So Last Summer.” Now, the beloved footwear of rebellious teens everywhere is getting a makeover for the first time in its 98-year history.

Converse will issue the Chuck Taylor All Star II this fall with some much-needed upgrades: While the outside of the shoe will bear a similar design, the insides will have comfier insoles and a foam-padded collar that won’t viciously scrape your foot.

But really, weren’t the bloodied heels Chucks gave you the point of Chucks? You wore them because they looked cool and signified your need to be seen as conventionally “different,” not because they were the best shoes to attend a Something Corporate show in. You think Sid Vicious wore that heavy padlock necklace because it was cozy? Nope, he knew what you knew deep down in your eighth-grade heart: There’s nothing less punk than being comfortable.

New Chuck Taylors: More Comfortable, Less Punk