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Finally, the Best Nude Lingerie Line for Women of Color Is Available in the U.S.

Photo: Courtesy of Nubian Skin

Back in October 2014, Ade Hassan — frustrated by the narrow definition of nude as it applied to lingerie — founded Nubian Skin, an alternative to brands that carried exclusively light nude tones or plain black bras without much in between. Now, almost a year later, the brand has exploded in the U.K., and American customers wait up to three weeks for their shipments. But the wait is finally over: Today, the brand finally launched at Nordstrom.

Unlike many other brands, Nubian Skin is the only lingerie retailer that truly caters to women of all colors and is the best resource when looking for different nude undergarments. They not only provide four different shades, ranging from Café Au Lait to Berry, but also have a skin-tone guide to help you find what works for you, listing popular foundation colors that match up from brands like M.A.C, Iman, and Bobbi Brown. Their launch with Nordstrom features two different bra styles and one brief, with more to come. It’s great timing that coincides with your summer white-clothes-wearing needs.

The essential T-shirt bra now comes in four colors and sits smoothly under clothing, with a light underwire for a seamless look.

Photo: Courtesy of Nubian Skin

And the strapless convertible bra has detachable straps so you can wear it two different ways. It features soft, molded cups to give you support without padding.

Photo: Courtesy of Nubian Skin

T-Shirt Bra in Café Au Lait, $55 at Nordstrom, T-Shirt Bra in Caramel, $55 at Nordstrom, T-Shirt Bra in Berry, $55 at Nordstrom

Strapless Bra in Cinnamon, $60 at Nordstrom, Briefs in Cinnamon, $16 at Nordstrom, Strapless Bra in Café Au Lait, $60 at Nordstrom, Briefs in Café Au Lait, $16 at Nordstrom Strapless Bra in Berry, $60 at Nordstrom, Briefs in Berry, $16 at Nordstrom.

Finally, a Nude Lingerie Line for Women of Color