royal baby

Prince George, This Is Your Life!

Photo: Matt Dunham/AP/Corbis

It’s your second birthday, so we’d like to sit back, grab a bottle, relax, and reflect on all you’ve accomplished. From being born … to other stuff, Prince George Alexander Louis, this is your life.

You were born, so full of promise.

Photo: Handout

In your first year, the world began to see just what kind of baby you would be. The answer: one of squishy cheeks.

Photo: John Sitwell/AFP/Getty Images

And now, at 2, your squishy cheeks are blooming into their full cuteness potential.

Photo: Matt Dunham/AP/Corbis

A life well-lived, young man. Here’s to more cheeks in your third year. May people still want to pinch them well into your old age.