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See Ronda Rousey Verbally Destroy Her Opponents

Tomorrow night, the World’s Most Dangerous Woman, Ronda Rousey, is set to defend her current undefeated Ultimate Fighting bantamweight title against Bethe Correia. Considering her most recent two fights lasted a whopping 30 seconds combined, this one has a ton of hype surrounding it. Will Rousey win? And if so, just how long will it take her?

In the week leading up to the match, there’s been plenty of shit-talking on both ends. Correia has said her mom would like Correia to break Rousey’s jaw, and Rousey has threatened to beat Correia so badly that no other contenders would dare to make light of Rousey’s father’s suicide. Rousey’s never been one to hold back, whether it’s flipping off her opponents or talking back to a booing crowd. In honor of their upcoming battle, enjoy Rousey’s complete lack of self-censorship and watch our supercut of her talking smack.