Seen at Men’s Fashion Week: Primping and Nose Rings

Photo: Dina Litovsky

New York’s first official men’s fashion week was four days filled with hot male models roaming around on skateboards, hot male athletes occupying the front rows, and hot celebrities partying together. The clothes were also equally enticing, with plenty of performancewear as well as pieces for all the stoners, goths, and schlubs out there. On hand to capture it all was Cut photographer Dina Litovsky. There was cowrie-shell jewelry at Gypsy Sport, trippy mirrors and dapper suits at Thom Browne, and a mock police lineup at Public School. And should you wonder if all those pretty boys #wokeuplikethis, rest assured that the backstage primping is equally as intense. Click ahead to see it all.

Seen at Men’s Fashion Week: Primping, Nose Rings