Seniors Figured Out Ideal Retirement Plan: Pot-Friendly States

Photo: Terry Cryer/Corbis

Which sounds like the better retirement plan: follow the flock to some Floridian retirement village, or fly high with trend-setting seniors opting for places that are a little more green.

Anecdotal evidence gathered by a researcher at UCLA (culled in part from data supplied by moving company United Van Lines) suggests that more retirees are choosing to head to states where medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana is legal. Now, as the shift in retiree migration shows, we can add places like Colorado, Oregon, and California to the list of “ideal retirement destinations.” Reuters reports that many who relocate are doing so to treat ailments and illnesses with medical cannabis, but there are other benefits to enjoying your twilight years the Willie Nelson way: easy access to edibles, close proximity to idyllic Bud & Breakfasts, and the company of other adults who enjoy taking bong rips.

Seniors Figured Out Ideal Retirement Plan: Pot