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New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ Podcast: Is Everyone on OKCupid a Little Bit Racist?

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After a survey of 6.7 million online daters revealed that the most popular groups on dating sites are Asian, white, or multiracial women, “Sex Lives” hosts Allison P. Davis and Maureen O’Connor — along with guest host Rich Juzwiak of Gawker — had a lot to discuss regarding racial bias in dating. Is it a fetish? Is it prejudice? Is it ever okay to just not want to date a specific race, or does that make you a horrible person?

The second half of the show is dedicated to the recent discussion of new penis beauty standards — mostly, how surprising it is that pubic-hair appearance matters more than penis length when considering overall penile attractiveness. And, a bonus: The gang discusses the merits of making out, after hearing that fewer than half of the world’s cultures engage in romantic kissing.

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‘Sex Lives’: Is Everyone on OKCupid Racist?