Unrealistic Beauty Standards Making Dogs Fat

Photo: P. Wegner/Arco Images/Corbis

Sometimes women go to great lengths to chase the unrealistic beauty standards foisted upon us by society, wearing shoes that pinch our toes and openly trying to emulate the Kardashians. But there’s another population silently suffering the consequences of unhealthy body image: dogs.

According to the Times:

One in four dogs that placed in the top five in their class in Britain’s Crufts national dog show, which calls itself the world’s largest, is overweight, a new study in the journal Veterinary Record reports. … Images of show dogs are widely disseminated on the Internet and through other media, and may influence pet owners’ perceptions of a dog’s optimal weight, the authors of the new study said.

Experts suggest canine calorie-counting to combat dog obesity, so maybe just make your dog his own MyFitnessPal account. One question, though: If you can’t fat-shame men, can you fat-shame dogs?