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When Exactly Did Drake Get So Swoll?

Photo: Corbis, champagnepapi/Instagram

Dadbod may have hit critical mass (pun sort of intended) mere months ago, but there is already a rebuttal. There is already a backlash. There is already someone brave enough to say, “No. No, I will not sit on my couch all day, mainline dessert Combos, and still hope to win the affection of women everywhere!” Yes, in the summer that gave us both Magic Mike XXL and Chocolate City, that person is …


Yes, Aubrey Graham. Champagne Papi. Wheelchair Jimmy. The rapper who would never wait upwards of two hours to text you back. Drake, who just wants you to know that he’s so proud of you. Drake, who would buy you snacks.

Drake is most definitively swoll.

(For the uninitiated, swoll is, by Urban Dictionary definition, short for “swollen, as in getting swollen or buff at the gym.” Synonyms include: ripped, jacked. Swoll dudes look like they spend time at the gym.)

But when did this happen? When did a little kid from Toronto transform, Hulk-style, into a captial-M Man? To find out, let us consult Instagram.

Drake has been working with his trainer, Jonny Roxx (owner of Push Pounds and a #TransformationTuesday himself), for at least 162 weeks, or three years and three months.That’s what happens when you hit it big: You hire a trainer, you fly that trainer with you all around the world, and you never miss a workout. This is good for Drake. He needs to keep his stamina up for his shows. He needs to keep his health in check. 

But then, something happened. Eighty-five weeks ago, we realized it. Drake had a little something going on under that shirt.

And on his arms.





The beauty, of course, is that most guys probably think they could achieve this body if they wanted to, and if they tried to. It’s an impressive yet nonthreatening physique. It’s still Drake.

So dust off that gym membership, guys, and put away the “personal” pizza. Drake has set a new bar for the male body. And if this happy little kid could do it, you can, too.

When Did Drake Get So Swoll?