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Workout Moves You Can Do at the Beach

If you actually get restless doing nothing at the beach over a long weekend, this next set of workout moves is for you. For the extra-industrious, can’t-sit-still type, Natalie Uhling, NBC Radius Sports Master Trainer and UnderArmour athlete, has created these easy moves for you to do in the sand. The instability of the sand helps to really target the core muscles, making these moves extra effective. Do 15 reps for three sets, and then maybe reward yourself with a popsicle and get into beach mode already. 

Move one: The skate-and-flick is designed to get your heart rate up, but effectively combines cardio with targeting the outer-inner-thigh muscle. Keep your chest up during this set of moves, as you skate out like a speed skater and then jump, flicking your arm up. For an extra cardio burst, you’ll want to jump as high as you can, moving laterally, as seen on Uhling here, who jumps so high she barely manages to keep herself in the frame.

Move two: This kick-back turnout focuses on the butt. Open and kick out your leg to get the outer glute. It looks deceivingly simple but if you do it correctly, especially in the sand, you should feel the burn all along your outer glute. 

Move three: Uhling explains that the key with this next move, the gate swing, is to kick your leg up as high as you can, so you target the back of the butt. She adds that kicking up with height helps to create that long, lean, coveted dancer’s leg.

Move four: The clock may look like a move from Bring It On but it’s a stability and inner-thigh workout. Keeping your standing leg slightly bent, making sure the knee isn’t over the toes, point and extend the other leg in a clocklike shape, at the 12, 3, and 6 position. Keep the abs as an axis for stability and be sure not to bend the leg that is making the clock movements.

Repeat the same moves for the other side.

Workout Moves You Can Do at the Beach