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Yes, That’s Really a Celebrity on Tinder

Photo: Tindr

As promised, Tinder has rolled out their verified profiles today, offering “verified” status to “notable public figures,” celebrities, and athletes. Now we normies can stop wondering if the “Zac Efron” we’re talking to is really Zac Efron. (It’s not.) And Hilary Duff can sleep at night knowing that her Tinder suitors really, truly believe it’s her.

Those who would like verification can email for consideration, a representative from Tinder tells the Cut. So far, only a select few have received the blue verified check mark — the blue ribbon of Tinder, if you will — and everyone else has been added to a waiting list.  

At this time, Tinder will not release the names of any verified users and celebrities, says the rep. But we can say firsthand that if you spot Girls’ actor Alex Karpovsky on Tinder, it’s really him.

Yes, That’s Really a Celebrity on Tinder