gratuitous male objectification

You Can’t Peek Under a Man’s Kilt Without Asking

Photo: Lacy Rane/Getty Images

Widespread male objectification is a wonderful thing, but it’s also kind of a new trend. And with all “new trends,” there’s a bit of a learning curve. Let’s use this recent incident as a “teachable moment,” shall we?

According to the Inverness Courier, drunk and rowdy groups of women at Hootenany’s Pub in Inverness have been sexually harassing kilt-wearing male waiters by ogling and “circling” the men, and attempting to lift up their kilts to ensure the waiters are “true Scotsmen” (i.e., making sure they’re free-balling, as tradition dictates).

And now what’s happened? The owner, Kit Fraser, has changed the uniform. Servers will only wear pants. Nobody gets to enjoy sexy Scotsmen in kilts. Nobody gets to act out their Outlander fantasy while enjoying a moderately priced beer and pub snack. One group has ruined it for everyone. Just remember: When it comes to male objectification and appropriate conduct, it’s okay to feel out a situation — but not to feel up a man without his permission. 

You Can’t Peek Under a Man’s Kilt Without Asking