Even Celebrities Seem to Suffer at Disneyworld

Photo: Splash News

Celebrities have a complex relationship with Disney amusement parks. In theory, Disneyland and Disney World should be locales of joy and happiness, where celebs can roam free in lineless exuberance. Where Mariah Carey went to wed Nick Cannon; where Emma Stone went for a post-breakup pick-me-up. But in practice, Disney World is not just for the happy, it’s a place where people can come and be sad — and not just on Goth Day.

Maybe it’s the rampant commercialism. Maybe it’s the lines. Maybe it’s the grown adults wearing costumes and singing songs every 20 minutes for eight hours a day. Maybe the monotony of the rides. Or maybe it’s the fact that, when paparazzi are shooting you from behind every bush, eventually they’re going to capture you without a smile on your face. Regardless, it seems that for every beaming Mariah, there’s a sad, sad Ben Affleck.

Here, for our contemplation, is a collection of photos of celebrities at various Disney Parks wearing expressions of despair.


Even Celebrities Seem to Suffer at Disneyworld