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4 Actually Fun Workout Moves

Working out may never be more pleasurable than watching Tim Riggins on Netflix, but some workout moves are more fun than others. In the GIFs below, NBC Radius Sports Master Trainer and Underarmour athlete Natalie Uhling demonstrates four calorie-burning moves designed for maximum enjoyment. To make these truly feel like a party, you need to do them the way Uhling intended: with a playlist blasting and your ponytail flying. Repeat each move 15 times for four sets.

Move 1: With the shuffle squat, you’ll want to pretend you’re the captain of your high-school basketball team. You are Monica in Love and Basketball. Stand perpendicular to the mat and jump into a high squat, bringing your knees to your chest. Shuffle across the mat and jump squat at the other end. Repeat.

Move 2: Now, pretend you are Nastia Liukin or Kerri Strug doing the jump tuck. Start with a jumping jack and then jump up into a squat. See how much air Uhling is getting under her? You’ll need that, too, if you want to get a good score from the Norwegian judge.

Move 3: For these lunge ins-and-outs, you are Maggie Vessey. Channel the sprinter as you jump into alternating leg lunges. After each set, jump into a low squat.

Move 4: You are Ronda Rousey, and your jab is going to eviscerate your trash-talking opponent who told you culottes are not right for you. Duck her blows with a low sumo squat. Repeat the entire circuit for a complete workout fantasy. Time spent: 20 minutes.

4 Actually Fun Workout Moves