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Congrats on Your Continued Cinematic Success, Dude-Bros!

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Photo: Glen Wilson/Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc

The men in our midst deserve a hearty congratulations, for despite modern-day feminism’s many successes, their grip on Hollywood remains steadfast. A new report reveals that 2014 was another banner year for men in films, with more than three-quarters of starring roles in the top-grossing movies going to dudes. Hip hip, hooray!

The report, compiled by the Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative at USC, found that popular movies are overwhelmingly white, straight, male, and young. According to the Times:

— The movies are white: 73.1 percent of all the speaking or named characters in the top 100 movies were white.

— The movies are straight: Only 19 total characters were lesbian, gay, or bisexual — none were transgender.

— The movies are young: Only 19.9 percent of female characters were 40 to 64 years old.

— The movies are male: Only 1.9 percent of the movies were directed by women.

As it turns out, in the last seven years the percentage of women in the ten highest-grossing movies who had speaking or named roles tops out at 30.2 percent, meaning men are still totally killing it.

Congratulate a man on his continued success today.

Congrats, Bros, for Continued Cinematic Success