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But of Course, a Louboutin Broke the Condé Nast Escalator [Updated]

Photo: kturrel/Instagram

The red (-soled) menace has struck Condé Nast headquarters. We’re talking, of course, about the Christian Louboutin heel that wedged itself into the escalator at HQ, temporarily halting operations. Katie Turrel, the company’s director of talent acquisition, posted some dramatic documentation on Instagram. 

The Cinderellaesque culprit has yet to be apprehended (hint: Look for the lady with the uneven gait), but the real question remains — how will employees step out to retrieve their desk salads? Thinking of you in this difficult time, comrades.

Update: We seem to have our self-described culprit. Shoe designer Nareesha McCaffrey posted this on Instagram, claiming responsibility.

Of Course a Louboutin Broke the Condé Escalator