Daniel Craig’s One Weird Trick to Cure Hangovers

Photo: Dujour

When you’re Daniel Craig, life is tough. You’re too handsome! And too beloved! And your wife is gorgeous, talented, and smart. In a new interview with DuJour magazine, the Bond boy declares that he is not bothered by who plays 007 next, and that going to bars is harder for him now because people are always sneaking photos of him:

But if I’m being photographed all night long in a bar, that pisses me off. If you ask, I may say yes, but come up to me and say, “Would you like to take a photograph with me?” If you’re fucking sneaking photographs of me … it’s human nature, you’re sneaking something! I’m being fucked with! But people don’t see it as a problem. Maybe I’m delusional. 

The actor also claims “I don’t go on the internet.” But what does one do instead of go on the internet? While Craig says that he isn’t much of a drinker, when he gets into it, he has this one weird trick for the morning after:

There’s this thing called Pedialyte. It’s basically a diuretic; you give it to kids who are dehydrated. If you wake up in the morning and you’ve got one of those on standby and you down the whole lot … you can carry on drinking! 

Mark Wahlberg allegedly “swears by it,” and while Wahlberg didn’t recommend this trick to Craig personally, it’s not hard to imagine the Ted star throwing back a few baby bottles of the stuff first thing in the morning. Refreshing.

Daniel Craig’s One Weird Trick to Cure Hangovers