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Harrods Shoppers Are Not Too Worried About Market Drop

Photo: BBC America

That market free fall that has everyone spelunking into the depths of their very worst fears? Nothing to worry about, apparently, because people who are picking up luxury goodies at Harrods are feeling just fine, sweetie darling. According to the New York Times, “the dark clouds had yet to dampen the spirits of luxury shoppers on the streets of London.” (Since said people are clearly the barometers for such things.)

One Harrods shopper buttonholed by the paper had received push notifications about the market woes, but managed to remain copacetic and focus on the thrill of the hunt. “I come every summer with my family from Kuwait from May to October and have done so for years,” he noted. “We base ourselves here in London but travel around the continent also.” Another customer said, “We have been looking forward to this trip for so long, we would never have changed our plans because of what the headlines in the newspapers say.”

You have to ask, though, what would faze these people? Zombies? Hoverboards? The four horsemen of the apocalypse? Perhaps, but only if one of the horsemen happened to be blocking the entrance to a luxury department store.

Harrods Shoppers Unconcerned About Market Drop