time capsule

Watch Mariah Carey’s Song ‘Obsessed,’ Performed by Furries

Time Capsule is a new occasional feature, in which we unearth forgotten bits of cultural detritus that deserve your procrastination.

Midsummer in the Year of Our Lord 2009 brought a superabundance of enduring pop-culture artifacts. For bros, and those on dates with bros, there was The Hangover — a comedy in which Zach Galifianakis gave us an early taste of “Dadbod.” For pretty much everybody on the planet, 2009 was the summer of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” And then there was Mariah Carey’s forever-karaoke-classic “Obsessed.”

At the time, people suspected Mariah wrote “Obsessed” about Eminem. That doesn’t matter. It was (and still is) the best song to periodically text a friend who’s been bothering you.

Today, a mere six years later, we came upon this hallucinogenic video cover by the perfectly named band Cosmic Elf. Enjoy.

Mariah Carey’s ‘Obsessed,’ Performed by Furries