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Go Ahead, Stare Into Karl Lagerfeld’s Terrifying Eye

Photo: Marc Quinn/Harper’s Bazaar

Karl Lagerfeld doffed his sunglasses, a rare occurrence, for an ocular-themed shoot by the artist Marc Quinn in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. And the results are — well, wow. Just take a gander at that. Apparently, we’re not the only ones startled by their hue. “I wear black glasses all the time — they’re my portable eye shadow — so I don’t see my eyes very often. This image completely surprised me; I could hardly believe it was my eye,” he told the magazine. “There’s not just fire in my eyes, there’s fire … in my mind.”

For the story, which also features the baby blues of Stella McCartney and Sarah Burton, Lagerfeld also weighed in on who he thinks has the most beautiful eyes: that would be Elizabeth Taylor. “Choupette comes second — her eyes are like star sapphires,” he adds.

Stare Into Karl Lagerfeld’s Terrifying Eye