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Study: It’s Not the Condom, It’s Your Dick

Photo: 2/William King/Corbis

“It just doesn’t feel as good” and “Condoms make me lose my boner” have long been the go-to excuses for men trying to convince you not to practice safe sex. Now, a new scientific study confirms what you knew all along: Most of those dudes are full of crap.

The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, surveyed approximately 500 men ages 18 to 24, and found that 38 percent of men had no condom-related erection difficulties. Interestingly, the 32 percent who did say condoms made them lose their boners were much more likely to just have straight-up general erectile dysfunction, instead of some special condom-prompted ED.

As the researchers noted, this could have more to do with a lack of knowledge around proper condom usage than it does loss of sensation. Plus, there are plenty lifestyle factors that could contribute to going limp, including poor diet, lack of exercise, and drinking too much.

In short: Sorry, dudes, it’s not the condom, it’s your dick.