No Pressure or Anything, But Today’s the Luckiest Day of the Year

Photo: stocknroll/Getty Images

Astrology queen Susan Miller has spoken, and her proclamation is thus: August 26 — today! — is the “luckiest and happiest day of the year.” Today the stars will align to create the perfect atmosphere for job promotions, lottery-winning, and unicorns flying through rainbowed skies. Okay, maybe not that unicorn part.

According to Miller, the sun and Jupiter will align today, creating a lucky halo that will manifest differently for each sign but enshrine us all in its cosmic embrace. 

Of course, if you’re picturing sitting at home scrolling through Instagram, your chances for encountering luck will be much lower. Miller encourages all the signs to seize the day. “Nothing happens if you stay home!” she advises. Seems exhausting, to be honest, but anything for the chance to score some extra money to spend on ice cream.

Today Is the Luckiest Day of the Year