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Trump Thinks It’s ‘Really Unfair’ to Remind People He’s Called Women Dogs

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Republican debates were last night, and by all accounts, Donald “Who is doing the raping?” Trump stole the show. During his very first question, he managed to diss Rosie O’Donnell and vaguely threaten moderator Megyn Kelly, all while lamenting political correctness. But today on Morning Joe, Trump took issue with Kelly’s question about his often-misogynistic attitudes towards women, calling it unprofessional and “really unfair.”

“I just don’t think it’s very professional,” Trump said. “I do say this … if you’re going to do that to me, I think it’s great, but you have to do it to everybody else or ease it up. But you can’t do it to Trump. I mean, I walked out of the room and people were saying, ‘That was really unfair.’”

Trump also argued that he doesn’t remember ever actually using all of those terms, but, well, he has.

Meanwhile, Trump has taken to calling Kelly a “bimbo” on Twitter, because there’s nothing sexist about that.

Trump: ‘Really Unfair’ to Bring Up Misogyny