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Mr. Valentino Has Stolen Leo’s ‘King of Summer’ Crown

Photo: privategg/Instagram

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was hugging summer to his dadbod like a neon Super Soaker? He’s since moved on to tamer, touristy-er pursuits involving selfie sticks and Citi Bikes. So the King of Summer title remains, for the moment, vacant. But watch the throne, because a fellow Italian dreamboat is posing and yachting his way through the summer of 2015 like a champ.

We’re speaking, of course, of one Valentino Garavani, who has spent his time cruising the high seas with Anne Hathaway, Giancarlo Giammetti, and whoever these people are. Just look at these photos. There are faded denim shirts, unbuttoned well past the clavicle, and sweaters knotted devil-may-care around the shoulders. There are ample tanning opportunities and delectable-looking alfresco meals. Oh, and there are canine companions. This is #goals personified. “Good afternoon, Mr. Emperor,” indeed.

Valentino Steals Leo’s ‘King of Summer’ Crown