Vote for the Best-Dressed Person at Fashion Week

Photo: Youngjun Koo

All throughout fashion month, the Cut will be ranking street-stylers on their outfits, ultimately bestowing a coveted Golden Peacock award on one winner for each city. Photographer Youngjun Koo will be shooting all of our contestants, and Cut contributor (and last year’s winner!) Shiona Turini is back to help with the selection process. Unlike last season, only five stylish contenders get a spot on our list each day — and we’ll be asking you to vote all week to pick the final champion. 

Day one of Fashion Week turned out to be warm, muggy, and rainy, but that didn’t mean people weren’t ready for the camera. Preetma Singh went for a head-to-toe green look — especially appropriate given the weather — while former Golden Peacock winner Rachael Wang opted for a long, flow-y pink dress. And making her New York debut is Gilda Ambrosio, a European street-style favorite from Milan. Click ahead to see our own rankings, and let us know what you think in the poll below.

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Vote for the Best-Dressed Person at Fashion Week