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8 Actually Good Things That Happened This Week


The kids are officially back in school, which means they’re back to slowing down your commute. But it’s Friday now, and it’s probably one of the last beautiful weekends we have before it becomes too cold to comfortably sit outside, so let’s indulge in eight actually good things that happened this week.

1. A seal was spotted surfing on top of a humpback whale. Look, surfboards aren’t cheap; sometimes you have to make do with what’s around.

2. We discovered unicorn tears exist. And made a list of all the delicious cocktails you can fashion out of them. Anybody care for a Lisa Frank?

3. Science confirmed the five-second rule is totally legit. A new study found that there’s an overwhelming chance you won’t contract any illnesses from eating food that’s been sitting on the floor for under five seconds, so it’s probably worth the risk.

4. An asthmatic otter learned how to use an inhaler. Trainers at the Seattle Aquarium taught 1-year-old Mishka how to take breaths through a rescue inhaler to help alleviate her symptoms.

5. Dads are standing up for their right to paternity leave. As dads begin to shoulder more of the burden of parenting, more and more fathers are demanding fair paternity leave from their employers — and getting it.

6. A setter stayed with his basset-hound friend for a week when she got stuck in a ravine. Phoebe the basset hound was trapped in a ravine for a week, but her friend Tillie stayed to keep her company. Every day Tillie left to search for help but always returned to keep Phoebe company. Rescuers were eventually able to locate the pair, who are now both home safe.

7. President Obama is planning to nominate the first openly gay Army secretary. The president is reportedly tapping Eric Fanning, the Department of Defense’s highest-ranking openly gay employee, to lead the Army.

8. A piglet met his new best friend. Good dog.

8 Truly Good Things That Happened This Week