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What’s It Like to Be a Baby at a Runway Show?

Alyssa Milano's baby had a better seat than most adults.
Alyssa Milano’s baby had a better seat than most adults. Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

If you’ve ever wondered “Should a baby be at a fashion show?” or “Is a fashion show a suitable alternative to day care?” or “What is Fashion Week like for a baby?” then perhaps 1-year-old Elizabella Dylan Bugliari, daughter of Mistresses actress Alyssa Milano, can serve as a case study. She attended Marissa Webb today — her very first entrée into the fashion world.

The Cut found her sittting on her mother’s lap in a teeny pink jacket, selected to coordinate with her mother and signal that she is a girl. She was incredibly calm amidst the dozens of flashbulbs going off rapidly. She even smiled and waved. Clearly, she had learned from poor North West’s tantrum.

When asked, “Who is this little guy?” Milano responded, “My daughter” — proudly, but also with a bit of an eye roll, because she wasn’t just taking some random baby around to runway shows.

“What is it like to be a baby at Fashion Week?” this reporter asked, while grabbing Bugliari’s pudgy little hand. (In retrospect, it is not the best idea to grab a celebrity baby hand, no matter how cute it is waving around at you.) But what did the baby have to compare Fashion Week to? The womb? Breast milk? (Better. Paled in comparison.)

Many reporters seemed intent on asking her similarly adult questions even though she had yet to master speech. (Who are you wearing? Seriously? I’m a baby.) But she could gurgle and cock her head, so she did.

Later, Bugliari waved to the reporter and the reporter’s ovaries did a tap dance while she wondered if abducting a celebrity baby was better or worse than abducting a normal baby.

At one point, the baby was seated next to Coco Rocha, former model and new mom, who was clad in a killer white suit from Marissa Webb and did not have her new, tiny daughter, Ioni, with her. Baby Elizabella seemed disappointed; she thought she’d have a bud. But then someone clapped to make her pay attention to the cameras.

“I have an amazing support system,” Rocha said when asked how she juggles baby care with front-row attendance. “My husband, James, and extended family — my mother-in-law, my mom, my dad. Right now James’s mother is hanging out with the baby, but she will make a Fashion Week appearance.” (See: earlier question about celebrity baby abduction.)

After all the camera action, Baby Elizabella was whisked away by two hands (the nanny) and settled into a lap seat (not front row, sadly) where she took in the show while pensively sucking on her lamby pacifier. Once, the lamby pacifier fell out of her mouth. Let us hope it was not a signal of her distaste for the clothes, though we cannot be sure.

Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images
What’s It Like to Be a Baby at a Runway Show?