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Offering Pizza Is a Surprisingly Effective Dating-App Tactic

Photo-Illustration: Getty Images, Tinder

Fetty Wap might be able to effectively open with “Hey, what’s up? Hello!” but for the normie trying to get a response on a dating app, the standard “Hey” will get you pretty much no replies. (Neither will “U Sexy “or “Sit on my face,” FYI.)

So what pickup lines are actually effective? Dating app Hinge analyzed user data to figure out which messages got people laid more than others.

Basically anything is better than “Hi,” Business Insider reports, but Hinge found that 98 percent more men responded to “assertive” messages like “How about a drink?” or “Free this week?” or “Buy me dinner, Cowboy.” As for women, 40 percent more responded to food-related opening lines like “Avocado and Netflix?” or the ever-popular “Pizza and makeout?” Just remember, guys, lines like “May I eat you for breakfast, lunch, or dinner” absolutely do not count as “food-related.”

The Best Pickup Lines Are All About Pizza