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Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Is No Longer for Sale

Photo: preserve.us

Despite its name, Preserve, Blake Lively’s nascent lifestyle site, does have a shelf life: It’s set to expire on October 9.

Preserve has barely been on this green earth for a year (it launched just last summer), but the Goop disciple has decided to shut down the site in order to “rebuild, rebrand, and eventually reveal — on her own timeline — what her project was always meant to be,” reports VogueDespite a strong start, which included backing by Anna Wintour and a Vogue cover story, Lively openly admitted in Time that the less-than-successful site was “not close” to what she wanted it to be.

RIP, you artisanal, Americana-steeped, Kinfolk-lite nightmare. We hardly knew ye, but for those few Preserve fans, there is a silver lining: Everything on the site is now on sale. With these prices, you can finally justify buying that astronomically expensive Cycling Crate you need to carry on living your Preserve life.

Blake Lively’s Preserve Is Shutting Down