Upper East Side Fairy Godmother Includes Her Nail Technician and Hairstylist in Her Will

“And you get $50,000. And YOU get $50,000!” Photo: Disney Productions

Instead of hoarding her fortunes and bequeathing them to the next generation of rich New York City Instagram teens, one Upper East Side heiress decided to include the most important figures in her everyday life in her will: the people she paid to keep her beautiful.

Karen Parker Gray, the daughter of a former General Electric VP, passed away of a heart attack in August, and her longtime nail technician Jenny Kim was surprised to learn that Gray left her $50,000 in her will. Gray also doled out several $50,000 gifts to employees at her favorite hair salon, Frédéric Fekkai: “Forever grateful for his friendship, and perfect hair,” she wrote of stylist Elie Camaro. “$50,000 toward a fabulous car!” She gave another $50,000 to her “favorite coat check woman at Fekkai.”

When I die, please divide my fortunes among my most devoted Twitter followers.

Heiress Leaves Money to Nail Technician in Will