Jenny Slate Feels All the Emotions and None of the Shame

Jenny Slate.
Jenny Slate. Photo: Paul A. Hebert/Press Line Photos/Corbis

Petite fireball Jenny Slate was interviewed by Rookie, the publication for teen wunderkinds, and she is just as effervescent on the page as she is onscreen and on her occasionally shout-y Twitter. The interview reveals that Slate was at peace with her childhood bullies after reading Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye, that she experiences mortal embarrassment once a day, and that she’ll never tell ignorant jokes about women loving white wine.

But what’s more, Slate seems aware of and at peace with who she is — and that person has a lot of feelings. She tells Rookie:

I think at this point in my life, I’m equally as emotionally stormy as I am joyful. I’m not just one thing on that spectrum; I feel a lot of emotions, especially recently. I know sometimes my Twitter feed is intense, but I take it as a friendly void to scream into. I don’t have another way to be. I think that can be annoying for my friends, but … my friend has a new boyfriend, and I met up with him by myself recently. He was saying to me that before he met me, my friend had described me as [someone who] “feels every emotion to the -nth degree.” I was like, Whoa! I’ve never heard him describe me that way, and I was relieved.

All feelings, no shame.

Jenny Slate Feels a Lot of Emotions!