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Meet the Magic Eraser That Fixes Smudged Nails

Londontown's Instant Smudge Fix.
Londontown’s Instant Smudge Fix. Photo: Londontown

If you paint your own nails with the same finesse as a toddler pillaging a bowl of spaghetti, then you’ll be happy to know about Londontown’s Instant Smudge Fix. It won’t make you a better manicurist, but it might just solve your blotchy nail problem for good.

Say you accidentally smudge your freshly polished nails while reaching for your phone. A few swipes of Instant Smudge Fix applied to wet or tacky nails instantly evens and smooths the nail color so that the blemish literally vanishes before your eyes. The solution contains a small amount of acetone, which behaves like a liquid sandblaster to smooth out a rough paint job. It can’t salvage a smudge that has dried, but when used within the first minute or so after a mistake, it’s a lifesaver.

After you’ve applied Instant Smudge Fix to nails, you can choose to move on with your life, or, as Londontown suggests, paint on another coat of nail color to ensure that your manicure looks its very best. Personally, I found that another coat of color was unnecessary because Instant Smudge Fix worked so well. Either way, Instant Smudge Fix is an easy manicure game-changer, especially if said game requires you to wrangle a remote with freshly painted nails.

Instant Smudge Fix, $14 at Londontown.

Meet the Magic Eraser That Fixes Smudged Nails