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The Men of Tumblr Love Their Toe Socks

Photo: injini

The New York Times reports that of all the many interests represented on Tumblr — from to pizza to Justin Bieber to Buffy — the most popular is fashion. But, asks the Times, are the people who run the site as fashion-crazy as their users?

A slideshow reveals that male Tumblr employees have largely adopted the trappings of the “stylish man” — including Moscot glasses, perfectly broken-in Levi’s 510s, and well-groomed facial hair. There were also several instances of white ‘90s-inspired Reeboks, a floral shirt purchased in Japan, and someone wearing a tie as a belt (not stylish, per se, but he pulled it off). Looks like Tumblr is full of totally hip and well-dressed dudes. Cool.

But wait! All of the worn Levis and cool kicks in the world cannot change what lurks beneath this new, fly exterior: Old schlubby tech-world vestiges remain. Reference slide 14: Conrad’s Injini toe socks. Socks that individually separate your toes into their own little cocoon. Socks, Conrad said, that are named after ninjas. Socks that help Conrad walk and stand comfortably, he explains. Socks that call this whole stylish thing into question. Socks that reveal the truth: You may hide all the hoodies and free brand T-shirts on the day the New York Times comes to photograph you, but you cannot hide take away the toe socks.

The Men of Tumblr Love Their Toe Socks