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Just Think of All the People You’ll Send the Middle-Finger Emoji To

We have too many emoji. You could spend your whole life texting everyone in your phone book and still never find an opportunity to use the symbol for Rolodex, a real emoji I bet you didn’t know you had. But for all we have, we also dearly lack: No condom emoji, no pot-leaf emoji, no 78-cents-to-the-dollar emoji.

This fall, Unicode will bless us with several new emoji to meet such needs — with one in particular that covers all emotions. The middle finger is finally coming.

Yes, yes, we are thrilled to see a burrito emoji in the mix, and a cute lion emoji, to boot. But just imagine the people who will now be on the receiving end of the middle-finger emoji in all its cartoony glory. According to Tech Insider, iPhone users will see this update this fall, when Apple releases an update to iOS 9.1. Start brewing a list of deserving recipients in the meantime so you’re ready to fire it off at will.

Just Think of the Uses for a Middle-Finger Emoji