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Naked Is Normal, Says Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski.
Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: Kelsey

We already know that nudity is no big whoop for model turned actress Emily Ratajkowski. It was embraced in her home growing up and she didn’t get all that hoopla following her appearance in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. So when we saw the Gone Girl star at last night’s Harper’s Bazaar event, we had to ask: How can we, the American public, be as cool and body-confident as she is?

“Go to Europe. Travel. If you spend any time there you notice it right away — their comfort level is different.” Ratajkowski continued: “You see more women being openly sexual like it’s not a big deal, without them having to be oversexualized. They are celebrated. You see it on the beaches, daughters with their mothers. It’s not a big deal to see your mom naked. It’s actually quite normal.”

But what makes us so dang uptight to begin with? “I don’t know if it’s about being frigid,” she said. “It’s more about the constant sexualizing [of] women without actually celebrating women. I think it’s more a misdirection of values and femininity rather than the country being frigid.”

Naked Is Normal, Says Emily Ratajkowski