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A New M.A.C Lipstick From Fashion’s Crazy Uncle

Tonight, to coincide with the New York premiere of Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, Jeremy Scott will release his first-ever beauty exclusive: a lipstick made in partnership with M.A.C Cosmetics. Available only in a special M.A.C red, the color comes enclosed in a Scott-designed tube.

Club kids, you might need to be resourceful to get your hands on this one: It’s not going to be for sale, just given away at the film’s premiere. The Cut spoke to M.A.C Cosmetics creative director James Gager about where he sees Jeremy Scott in the fashion family, and why he sees M.A.C as the people’s makeup brand.

When did M.A.C Cosmetics first take notice of Jeremy Scott?
have been supporting him since 2010. He’s a pop-culture designer who surprises and does things that are over-the-top, but he’s also thoughtful in what he puts together. It’s depth and fun, playing with color, contrast, and surprise, which epitomizes what M.A.C likes to do. We’re the alternate pop-culture brand, trying to surprise and delight people and ourselves.

How did the idea for this collectible come about?
He actually requested it from us! He thought it was a cool idea and we could do it. And it is not for sale so it is truly something collectible and one-off.

You’ve said that when it comes to collaborations that you think of the designers as like an extended family. Where do you see Jeremy Scott in relation to M.A.C’s family?
Maybe he’s an uncle. [Laughs.] His aesthetic is loud, unapologetic pop culture and provocative. With those words, he fits right into our family. As I have said before, we like our collaborations to feel as though when we put them together in a family portrait, they would fit right in — and maybe some wouldn’t! But they would all love one another and love Jeremy and I know he feels the same about us.

Jeremy Scott’s first lipstick.

What is the potential for a future Jeremy Scott collaboration?
The future is what the future is. I’m leaving it at that. We will be there for Jeremy and hopefully, Jeremy will be there for us.

The title of Jeremy’s new documentary is The People’s Designer. What do you think makes him the people’s designer and how does that relate to how you see M.A.C?
It’s an amazing title considering Jeremy, the humor in which he designs, and whom he designs for. He is that success story — he came from a farm and went to Paris and, on his own, became a major success.

As a makeup brand, we touch people’s lives and make people feel special and good about themselves. That’s where we connect with Jeremy and his aesthetic.

This interview has been condensed and edited. 

A New M.A.C Lipstick From Fashion’s Crazy Uncle