Suprise! Not All Female Fans Want to Be Randomly Felt Up

August Alsina, groper.
August Alsina, groper. Photo: Joseph Okpako/WireImage

R&B singer August Alsina is getting a lot of Twitter attention today, but not for any of the right reasons.

Over the weekend, the “I Luv This Shit” singer performed down in Baton Rogue, and a short video of his set has some fans (and now former fans) outraged at the clip below in which Alsina sings a slow jam to a female fan and engages in his idea of audience participation, a.k.a. groping her breasts onstage, in front of an audience. Warning: This could be upsetting to watch. 

Perhaps he thought he was graciously giving a fan a Magic Mike XXL experience or that a random, uninvited breast nuzzle was the best way to demonstrate the sentiment of a slow R&B number, but the whole video is just totally uncomfortable-making — especially as the fan moves her hand to shield herself from the unexpected rubdown. The fan looks like she wants it to end — and fast.

Since the video went up, Alsina has released an eloquent statement via Twitter:

Nice. As more bands like Speedy Ortiz make efforts to protect their fans from harassment that occurs in the pit or the audience, this incident is a clear sign that we need to pay attention to what’s taking place onstage as well as off of it.  

Not All Fans Want to Be Randomly Felt Up