Pink Dolphin Swims Out of Lisa Frank Poster and Into Louisiana River

A “very rare” pink-colored dolphin was spotted frolicking around a Louisiana river over Labor Day weekend, leaving us to wonder if all of life has suddenly become a Lisa Frank fever dream.

A fishing boat captain saw “Pinkie” swimming in the Calcasieu River this weekend, and says he’s spotted her hundreds of times during his career. It’s unclear what exactly makes her look like a character from the cover of your 6th-grade English notebook, but the fisherman believes she’s one of only a handful of pink dolphins in the world, and perhaps the only one in the U.S. Her species originally comes from the Amazon River.

The captain also says he’s seen Pinkie mating, and thinks she might be pregnant. Hopefully that scene does not become the next Trapper Keeper tableau.

Pink Dolphin Spotted in Louisiana River