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New York Fashion Week:
Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015
The Love List
Insiders on their favorite things from the last 24 hours of Fashion Week

Jeremy Scott, Designer

For me, it was really watching the last model go out onto the runway because then it was like, Woosh, job done!

Jeremy Scott's Pick

Karen Buglisi Weiler, M.A.C Global Brand President

Last night at Zac Posen, we saw a beautiful kind of red muted lip, glowy skin (which never goes out of style), and a sparkly eye, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Karen Buglisi Weiler's Pick

Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Sophie Theallet staged the best show she's ever done.

African-inspired, incredible textiles and cuts, beautiful models, and amazing African musicians! Brava, Sophie!

Valerie Steele's Pick

Victoria Justice, Actress

At Alice and Olivia, there was this really cool, almost floor-length fiery-red vest with a beaded crop top and red pants and it was beautiful.

And then after that I had a juicy dry-aged burger and that was also beautiful.

Victoria Justice's Pick

Diana Tsui, Senior Market Editor, the Cut

Tory Burch showed a really cool take on evening dressing that featured a long bejeweled tunic with slits up the side, styled with shorts.

It felt really fun, young, and easy to wear.

Diana Tsui's Pick

André Leon Talley, Contributing Editor, Vogue

Vera Wang's red flamenco baby-doll creates Fellini boudoir bordello with French film noir overtones. Loved it.

André Leon Talley's Pick

André Leon Talley, Contributing Editor, Vogue

So loved Serena Williams backstage in her super bossa nova fringe skirt and towering stilettos. Drake was there to support her.

She pulled it off. Binge of fringe, and it’s fringetastic!

André Leon Talley's Pick

André Leon Talley, Contributing Editor, Vogue

Love the extraordinary youthful Goya inspirations in Oscar de la Renta: the ponytails tied in Goya ribbons, the best emerald-green satin suit belted in pale, pale pink.

André Leon Talley's Pick

Rebecca Ramsey, Senior Fashion Editor, the Cut

At Coach’s runway show, models wore Liberty-like florals, patchworked boots, and neat stitched suits.

The bags, oversize on the shoulder or tucked neatly under the arm, will likely be popular on the street come spring.

Rebecca Ramsey's Pick

Simon Doonan, Barneys New York Creative Ambassador

Narciso Rodriguez’s show was a symphony of craftsmanship. I am talking about a whole Tchaikovsky situation.

Simon Doonan's Pick

Véronique Hyland, Fashion News Editor, the Cut

Gypsy Sport was a raucous good time, with Jaden Smith front row and some of my favorite casting of the week.

And Rosetta Getty's understated and lovely collection, especially the crisp white culottes, might convert me to minimalism at long last.

Véronique Hyland's Pick

Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Rodarte was a glittering ’70s ode to Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, and Southern California. Very louche and sexy.

Valerie Steele's Pick

It’s easy for people inside the industry to get jaded about Fashion Week, and it’s just as easy for those outside the industry to find this attitude baffling. A full week dedicated to looking at beautiful clothes? What’s not to love?

In the spirit of positivity, the Cut has been asking insiders — designers, editors, celebrities — about their favorite Fashion Week moment from the past 24 hours. Maybe it’s a runway look, maybe it’s a model, maybe it’s a funny thing that happened in the cab on the way to the show. Above, we present the the latest installment of the Love List: an interactive photo wall of the past day’s highlights. Hover over a photo to find out who loved each particular moment, and why.

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