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Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks

Photo: Getty Images

We knew that selfie-taking is an adrenaline-inducing extreme sport, but we never guessed just how real the danger is. This year, Mashable reports, 12 people have died while posing for their camera phones — as compared to only eight who have been killed by sharks.

Ways in which selfie victims have departed this mortal coil include falling, heart attack, and goring by selfie stick during the running of the bulls. (There have been no reports of death by avocado toast, so the majority of selfie-takers are safe.) It’s not the average sparrow-face session that puts your life in danger — it’s the desire to get the most extreme shot, from the highest heights, with the most wild animals, while also driving on train tracks that can result in an abrupt end to your photo stream.

Public safety warning: Faves and regrams and followers are nice, but if you die by selfie, your death really will have been in vain.

Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks